Focus on getting the job done, not remembering what do, when and by who!

Task progress bars from the PCT tool

Key Benefits

  • Total overview of operational status
  • Customized alarms – Dashboard, e-mail or text messages
  • Quicker on-boarding of new employees

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About us

PCT was created with the ambition to help companies manage, run and supervise their operations more efficiently. With vast combined experience within the financial industry, the team behind has hands-on knowledge about vital workflows within different organisations, but also about how unnecessary complicated and time consuming they can be. Therefore, we created the PCT tool, including a dashboard for all ongoing workflows your company is performing. By making these workflows more interactive, transparent and relatable, both for people performing the specific activity and the company as a whole, operations can be handled and controlled more efficiently - helping you to relax and sleep well at night.

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User cases

“The PCT tool allows us to rapidly onboard new employees as the processes are visualized and described step by step. By following the workflow and description of our processes from start to finish we minimize the number of questions and errors. PCT has made it easier for us to optimize our operations.”

Bo Liljengren


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