A brief description

The PCT dashboard, including built-in check-lists, cheat sheets, reminders and warnings, enables you to supervise and track, both high level and detailed, processes in your business in real time.


Getting started is easy! By following our quick step-by-step and process creation workflow, PCT allows you to categorize different workflows and present them in an interactive way to your team members and employees. PCT is designed to make workflows more understandable for all parties involved, and provides companies with an easy feedback tool on an individual, team and company wide level.

PCT tool user interface: tasks and filters

Workflow status

PCT helps you to manage, track and stay on top of each workflow, as well as its subtasks, through an information system where each sub-task is marked with its current progress and updated status. Relevant information regarding each sub-task, such as deadline requirements and the name of the person responsible, helps you to organize and optimize your operations. All actions taken are logged with a full audit trail and can easily be exported, which facilitates business analysis as well as audit processes.


PCT supports all defined processes and tasks, no matter the periodicity or work to be done. We’ll walk you through an example!

Payroll process:

  1. The payroll process starts in the middle of the month when all employee expenses are due.
  2. After, we adjust the payslip with the expenses.
  3. Time to send the payment file to bank!
  4. Also - let’s not forget to send the payslip to all employees!

Of course, all relevant work descriptions are included in each process, preparing you for the upcoming steps - perfect during holiday periods when your temp is running the office.

You can see how we set it up in PCT in this picture

PCT tool user interface: tasks and filters

By making PCT a part of your daily operations, you can efficiently improve communication, information sharing and cooperation. This, inside your team, cross-borders and with external partners.

“Improve your process tracking and gain new insight to your business.”


  • Create recurring processes with different frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and one-off tasks).
  • Visualize and break-down complex workflows, leading to more efficient management of your processes.
  • Centralize information on one platform, by replacing spreadsheet, to-do-lists and endless numbers of routine documents with web-app descriptions.
  • Use flexible reminders and alarms, such as dashboard warnings, emails and text messages, to reduce stress and always be prepared.
  • Get control over your business - all actions and changes are logged and tracked with full audit trail, facilitating both the external and internal auditing.
  • Understand your business even better! Use the stored data to analyze your operations and create new KPIs.
  • Use the easy, interactive and intuitive interface that allows you to start building your workflows immediately.